Mar 2000 - Nov 2003


On November 01,2003 we euthanized our wonderful young stallion Zipulsions. On the previous Monday he had gone off his feed, which signaled that he was not himself. He has always been quiet and submissive but he did love his food, so not eating was definitely a sign that something was wrong. For the next two days he picked at hay and drank water but we knew that this was more serious than anything we had encountered before. But during the whole process, Zipulsions would quietly accept being moved to have his stall cleaned and would unconditionally do whatever was asked. On Thursday we drove him to the clinic where he was diagnosed with a severe case of peritonitis, (infection of the abdominal cavity possibly caused by an abscess). It was explained to us that because he was still eating and drinking that we would have a good chance of pulling him through this with aggressive antibiotic treatment, that if it worked, would have to be continued for some time. With that we brought him home and began the treatments. By Saturday we could tell that he was deteriorating. He was so brave and so strong that none of us realized the severity of his condition. He masked his constant suffering extremely well and would just blink his inquisitive large dark eyes and wonder what we were going to ask of him next.

We know in our hearts that we did all we could for him and that during his short time with us, he did all he could for us. Although we have heavy hearts now, spring will be a welcome sight for us, as ”Zipulsions” will return to us through his offspring. We would like to thank all the people that have offered their condolences through email, phone, and in person. Their words are greatly appreciated. The little gray horse with the huge heart had a following of fans that were keenly interested in what he was going to do, even if they only watched from the sidelines. I know he will not disappoint us and good things will be the outcome of this tragedy. Please stop by in the spring and see the legacy he has left for us to share with everyone.